For anything business related such as requesting a commissioned build or inquiring about a sponsorship, the best way to get in touch is through the business email listed below. If you'd like to comment on a mod, request a video or even just say hi, feel free to send a message on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. If you appreciate the art and passion that's poured into these projects and want to donate a dollar or two, you can absolutely do so on Patreon!


Business email:


Mod Commission Price

Prices for computer mods are variable but in general the buyer provides the PC hardware and pays for any shipping, materials, taxes, and of course a labor fee. These costs can be offset slightly depending on the situation! For example if you already have PC hardware you won't have to buy more, or if you live near Connecticut (USA) we may be able to avoid expensive shipping fees.

As for the labor fee, again this price is variable. It will be less if the modifications aren't as complicated (such as no watercooling), or more if they're very complicated (such as a from-scratch build). Send me an email with a description of your request and I'll get back to you with a price estimate.

Payment is requested half up front, half after completion!

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