PC Mod Tutorials

My goal is to help make PC modding understandable and achievable for anyone who wants to try it. These tutorials are meant to be tools that give you a solid foundation in modding technique for you to reference and build upon.

This page will be updated as new tutorial content is produced.


How to paint your RAM heatsinks

RAM heatsinks can be painted to match any color scheme and the process will not degrade the performance at all. This is a very easy mod and anyone can do it as long as you are careful to choose non conductive paint.

How to make a GPU backplate (Basic and RGB backlit)

Custom GPU backplates are a very basic addition to your system that can really improve the look of your build even without any other mods. If you've never created a PC mod before this can also be a good introduction into the hobby because of its simplicity, cost, and relation to more advanced mods.

How to etch tempered glass

Etching glass is easier than you'd think, and absolutely a mod someone with little to no experience PC modding can try out. You just need some glass etching cream like "Armoretch" and some vinyl to use as a stencil. This will not work on acrylic, only glass.

How to paint your motherboard PCB

This is not a mod for the feint of heart, as you'll be voiding the warranty on a very expensive piece of hardware if you do this. I used acrylic conformal coating on the PCB first, waited until the next day, and then used non conductive enamel spray paint. You can absolutely paint your heatsinks as well (Just don't paint the bottom part that touches the mosfets). This does not effect the performance of your PC at all if done correctly, so if you're feeling up to it you can make your hardware look totally unique.

The tools you need to start modding

In this video I go over all the tools you will almost certainly need to start PC modding. This is not an exhaustive list of everything that might be useful, and there are certain more advanced tools (like a vinyl cutter) that will be direct upgrades to what I list in this video, but this is just a bare minimum list of the tools you will need to start. Everything here is relatively cheap, and if you've got it all you will be able to do some really professional looking mods.

How to mod your SSD

I try to show how to take apart a solid state drive, and what is possible if you want to attempt to modify it. There isn’t a whole lot of space inside the case to work with, but you can make it look unique and interesting anyway.

Making a DIY acrylic bender

This is a super useful tool for PC modders, as it allows for perfect professional looking bends on acrylic pieces. It’s very easy to make and only requires a couple hours of time. Plus, it’s not terribly expensive if you consider the fact that the variable power supply is able to be used for other projects as well.